Auto Insurance  FAQ's

Do I need to purchase auto insurance?

Auto insurance is mandatory in most states and those requiring it generally have minimum coverage limits that you are required to carry.

Can I drive without auto insurance?

It is illegal to drive without auto insurance in many states.  As a result, proof of insurance (an RMV-1 form in MA) is typically required in order to register your car and obtain plates.

What paperwork do I need to bring to the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles to register my new car and get plates?

If you are registering the car yourself, you will need:

  • The certificate of origin (new vehicles only) or title (already filled out and signed over to you).
  • A stamped RMV-1 form (proof of insurance provided by your MA insurance agent).
  • Proof of MA residence (lease, utility bill, etc) if not currently licensed in Massachusetts.
  • An acceptable form of payment (cash or check only).  The cost can vary depending on the type of vehicle and plate type – refer to the MA RMV website for the current fee chart.
    • If not previously paid, you will also be responsible for the MA state sales tax, calculated at 6.25% of the value of the vehicle, which may NOT necessarily be the same as the purchase price.
Can the dealership register my new car for me?

In MA, dealerships participating in the “Drive Program” can typically handle the registration process for you (potentially for a fee – check with your dealership for details) – which includes obtaining your title, plates and registration.  We work with local dealerships to ensure your paperwork is completed in a timely fashion.

What if I need to substitute or add a vehicle on an existing policy?

You would not have to cancel your old policy if you acquire a new vehicle.  We can simply add or replace the vehicle on your existing policy and provide you with all of the appropriate paperwork to register your vehicle (as long as the new car is being titled and registered in the same name as the previous vehicle).

If you purchase a new vehicle from a dealership, we would be happy to contact them directly to get all your paperwork completed.

If you sell your car and do not plan to replace it, you will have to cancel your plates with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and obtain a Plate Return Receipt.  This can be done in person at a local RMV branch, by mail or online at the MA RMV website (recommended, fastest option).  Once the cancellation is completed and updated in the Registry, we can cancel your policy the day after you return your plates.

What if I move and need to make an address change?

It is very important that your policy reflects your current address.  If you move within the state of Massachusetts, please email  and we can update your address on the date you plan to move.  Please be aware that your policy premium could increase or decrease as a result of the address change.

If you are leaving the state of MA, it is still important to notify us of the change immediately, however this would also require that you change to an insurance plan specifically designed and recognized within your new state.  Typically this would need to be done prior to registering your vehicle in your new state.

What If I get in an accident?

Once confirming all parties are OK, it is important to notify your specific insurance carrier directly as promptly as possible after the incident has occurred.  A claims specialist will walk you through the process from there to ensure that your claim is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What if my car is involved in a hit and run?

A hit and run would be covered by the “Collision” portion of your policy, assuming you had opted to carry this coverage.  Since the other party is unknown, your Collision Deductible would be applicable.  As with any claim, it is important that you notify your insurance carrier as soon as possible to report the incident.

Am I covered if I am driving a rental vehicle?

In most instances, your rental car would be covered in the same way your insurance policy covers your own personal vehicle.  Since all policies are different, this may or may not be enough coverage depending on what you have chosen to carry on your personal insurance policy.  Make sure that your personal coverage is sufficient prior to declining the rental company’s coverage and also keep in mind that you are subject to the same deductibles on your personal policy.

Many credit cards also offer coverage while renting a vehicle.  Please check with your credit card companies to see what coverage they offer for rental vehicles.

**Loss of use is almost always excluded from coverage by your personal insurance policy.   Loss of use is the revenue (daily rate) the rental car company loses while the car is being repaired as a result of a claim.  This can certainly become costly in the event that the repairs are lengthy.  It is recommended to ask the rental car company if this is their policy and if so, if they offer coverage against this.

Can my friends/family drive my vehicle?

Any person who regularly drives your vehicle must be listed as an operator on your policy to receive coverage.  In addition, typically any person in your household that is licensed must be listed on your policy – they may be listed as “deferred” if covered by their own insurance policy, or specifically excluded from coverage.  Otherwise, any non-household member that does not regularly drive your car would be covered by your policy, as long as they were driving with your granted permission.

What do I do if my registration expires?

Depending on the time that has passed since the expiration, renewal could potentially be processed online at the MA RMV website.  If that grace period has ended and the online option is not available, then renewal must be done in person at a local RMV branch.  In the latter scenario, at your request we can send you an RMV-3 form to bring to the Registry as proof of insurance.

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